Your Rights

Your Rights – Fair Share Fees

Your Rights:

  1. You have the right to choose whether or not to join the labor union at your workplace.
  2. Nonmembers can only be required to pay for their share of the union’s proven bargaining expenses.
  3. Nonmembers may not be compelled to pay any fees for union services until the costs have been stated and explained.
  4. Nonmembers have the right to dispute the cost of collective bargaining fees as provided by the union.
  5. Teachers whose sincere religious beliefs prevent them from joining or paying any money to the union have special rights.  Religious objectors have the right to redirect the entire union fee from the union to a nonunion, nonreligious charity.

The benefits of KEYTA:

  1. KEYTA provides a better liability policy than the union.
  2. Should a situation arise, KEYTA will represent you.
  3. KEYTA’s dues are lower. Dues paid cover liability and member benefits. They are not used to promote political causes.
  4. KEYTA officers speak on behalf of their members, not in place of them.