Who is Covered

Are you eligible?


KEYTA membership is open to all educators currently employed by an educational institution, student teachers and those holding a current Pennsylvania teaching certificate.

This broad, $2,000,000 no deductible liability policy covers claims against the member for acts or omissions arising out of the member’s activities in his/her professional capacity such as: bodily injury, property damage, corporal punishment or other alleged wrongful acts or omissions. Plus, up to $35,000 reimbursement of attorney fees for the defense of certain actions not otherwise covered and up to $1,000 for bail bond premiums required because of the alleged act or omission.

Members also receive $10,000 in coverage for reimbursement of your attorney’s fees in a broad range of situations such as job termination, salary, reassignment, certification or resignation.

Note: KEYTA insurance does not provide legal assistance for suits initiated by the member.

Keyta’s carrier has been providing liability insurance to educators for over 18 years and has the industry’s highest rating possible (A+15). (Best’s Key Rating Guide)