What sets KEYTA apart?

What sets KEYTA apart?


Our definition of professionalism

KEYTA believes that our members should conduct themselves both in and out of the classroom in a manner that brings honor to the profession.

Our philosophy of inclusiveness

KEYTA believes that too many divisions exist among teachers today. Any local bargaining unit formed with the assistance of KEYTA will allow both KEYTA and non-KEYTA members to vote on any contract proposal.

Our freedom of association

KEYTA believes that educators should be free from all forms of compulsory memberships and endorsements. To force a man or woman to furnish contributions for the propagation of opinions he or she opposes is, as Thomas Jefferson declared, “tyrannical”.

Our openness to reform

KEYTA’s active members receive timely publications that strive to present divergent views on educational issues.

Our accuracy in representation

KEYTA believes that the best way to let others know who we are is by surveying our members and reporting the results. We believe that it is our duty to speak for our members rather than in place of them.

Our dues and benefits

KEYTA is committed to improving and expanding only those services and benefits wanted by our members, which allows us to maintain reasonable dues. We do not contribute any portion of our members’ dues to political parties or candidates.

Our emphasis on cooperation

KEYTA believes that, although a strike may be necessary in the rarest of instances, in most cases the damage caused by striking produces irreparable harm to the communities involved, and therefore should be circumvented. Pennsylvania should no longer lead the nation in teacher strikes. Unfortunately, over the past decade, we have.