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Continuing Professional Development Workshops


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Available Workshops

The Big “R” Responsibility: Educators will leave the seminar with a clear resolve to promote student responsibility and many new solutions and strategies to assist them in promoting responsible students.

Applied Grammar:  Applied Grammar is a method of teaching grammar as a tool to improve writing. Teachers would learn strategies that weave higher order thinking skills with engaging repetition and review into lessons that teach grammar within the context of and for the purpose of writing.  This method drastically improves retention of the concepts and application within written work.

Curriculum Management: Part 1 – Teachers will be taken through a step by step procedure to help them organize and prioritize standards and curriculum into yearly, quarterly and weekly plans.  Part 2 – Teachers would then learn what to do if for some reason the class has fallen behind so that the most important concepts are taught and mastered.

Motivational Strategies: Teachers will be given a list of strategies categorized by student difficulty which will help them to motivate individual students. Also, a list of classroom motivational strategies for the problem class.  A full explanation for each strategy will be given.  Teachers will be given specific situations and develop a motivational plan for each.

Teaching Your Students Study Skills: Educators will come away with a list of ways to deliberately teach study skills to their students within the context of their lesson plans. Teachers will design a classroom poster of the study skills and create a plan for using the list in at least one subject area.

Survival Skills for Teachers: Teachers will learn to recognize when their stress level becomes dangerous and how to isolate the stressors. Teachers will learn strategies for handling the stresses and demands placed on them in today’s educational system.