Who Should You Vote for? It’s Up To You!


Oct 2016


You are most likely being bombarded with billboards, road signs, news coverage, commercials, mail and phone calls, all attempting to convince you for or against one candidate or another. Up for election are positions for President, US House, PA House, select PA and US Senate seats, as well as countless county and local election seats.

Since KEYTA was founded in 1993, it has been our strong stance to abstain from endorsing or supporting political candidates and non-educational issues. We have always felt that something as important as a candidates vote is personal and it is not our place to spend member dues or our time forcing candidates or their political positions onto our members.

Our focus is education, and with being said, we do suggest that you review the candidates’ educational platforms. For your convenience, we have provided below—in alphabetical order—a direct link to each of the presidential candidate’s education page. Due to the vast amount of congressional and local races, we do not provide this information for those candidates, but do suggest your personal review of their positions as well.

Darrell Castle (Constitution):
No clear education position listed

Hilary Clinton (Democrat):

Gary Johnson (Libertarian):

Jill Stein (Green):

Donald Trump (Republican):

As always, please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss this issue any further at 877-33-KEYTA (53982). Also, feel free to visit our website at