Supreme Court Ruling and PSEA Notice


May 2018


In a few short weeks, the United State Supreme Court will rule on whether unions can charge a fair share fee to non-members. This case is known as Janus v. AFSCME, and if the Court rules in Janus’ favor, Pennsylvania’s Fair Share Fee Law affecting public sector employees will become illegal. The implications of a positive ruling for Janus will allow PA educators the freedom to abstain from union membership without still having to pay subsequent union fees. This fee is currently imposed on approximately 80% of our public school teachers.

For KEYTA members who currently pay this fee, and have chosen to be a religious objector, you should have recently received notice from PSEA stating that they are holding 25% of your forced fee in an escrow account, and only forwarding 75% of that fee onto your designated charity. Current state law allows for your entire fair share fee, approximately $450, to be withdrawn and forwarded to your charity. We have been unable to ascertain why the union has decided to hold onto this 25% until the Court announces their ruling. We will forward to you any clarification on this matter as we receive it.