KEYTA Members Donate Over $30,000 Each Year to Local and National Charities


Dec 2014


KEYTA Members Donate Over $30,000 Each Year to Local and National Charities

12/1/2014 9:33:00 AM


KEYTA members, through their generosity, donate over thousands of dollars each year to worthwhile charities that are meaningful to them.

These contributions have made a positive impact on their local communities, school students and the needy in their neighborhoods…and well beyond. These donations are made through funds that they have redirected through mandatory fair share fees the unions withdraw annually from their paychecks. Each non-union teacher in a forced fee, union shop school district has over $450 deducted as union fees each year. However, due to their objections on the union’s financial support of non-educational social issues and organizations, KEYTA members can redirect their fair share fees to worthwhile charities that they feel make a greater impact by assisting to cure illnesses, eliminate suffering and supporting local organizations.

Below is just a small example of charities KEYTA members have been donating to:

• American Cancer Society
• American Heart Association
• American Red Cross
• American Lung Association
• Special Olympics of Pennsylvania
• The Humane Society
• David E. Baker Scholarship Trust
• Sage House Group Foster Home
• Bosler Memorial Library
• The United Way
• The Boys and Girls Club
• Heifer International

The KEYTA members making these generous donations are additionally comforted by knowing that as a member of the Keystone Teachers Association, they are also protected through our professional liability insurance and legal protection program. Furthermore, these educators are able to make their $450 tax deductible donation, receive insurance protection as a KEYTA member, and are still financially benefitted than if they were full union members.

Around mid-December, KEYTA members who have fair share fees deducted will be receiving our simple instructions, sample letter and submission deadline to have these fees forwarded to their worthwhile charity. If you are not a KEYTA member and would like more information on how to donate to your charity—in lieu of the union’s use of forced fair share fees—please contact the Keystone Teachers Association for more details.