Myths & Facts

Myths & Facts


Myth: If your job is threatened or you’re in trouble with your administration, KEYTA can’t help you

Fact: KEYTA’s insurance guarantees educators up to $10,000 in attorney fees for job protection issues. If your position is threatened, your due process rights allow you to have your own representative present at disciplinary meetings.

KEYTA provides both legal assistance and liability insurance. KEYTA members have access to KEYTA’s attorney referral network, or they may seek out their own legal representation. KEYTA’s network of attorneys or your personal attorney bill our insurance provider—not you, the individual teacher—for services covered under the plan at a reasonable rate.

Myth: KEYTA’s liability insurance is a $2 million aggregate for their entire membership, not like the $1 million per member per occurrence of NEA coverage.

Fact: KEYTA’s liability insurance and legal protection plan is $2 million per member per occurrence, with no group aggregate. This means that each of our members is covered for a full $2 million regardless of how many claims are made within our membership group.

Myth: KEYTA has lower membership dues and you get what you pay for.

Fact: KEYTA has lower dues not because of a lesser degree of service, but because we don’t have a bloated bureaucracy, exorbitant staff salaries, and do not give member dues to controversial social organizations or political parties. Furthermore, our members are not bound to funding multiple levels of a unified organizational structure, and as a result we are able to provide many services more economically.

Consider this, McDonalds is the world’s largest restaurant chain, but there are plenty of smaller restaurants who prepare better food and deliver much better service. Big does not necessarily mean better.

Myth: KEYTA is a union-buster.

Fact: KEYTA is non-union, not anti-union. We simply want to give educators a choice in professional membership, better insurance and more personalized services.

Myth: KEYTA cannot assist a non-vested teacher.

Fact: If a teacher is a member of KEYTA, we can indeed help. With your guaranteedaccess to legal representation, KEYTA’s insurance helps ensure that each teacher is treated fairly. Furthermore, since KEYTA does not have a formal relationship with school districts, there is no conflict of interest when we represent our members.

Myth: You can’t drop your union membership and join KEYTA during the school year.

Fact: You have constitutional rights that allow you to withdraw from any association at any time, regardless of union shop or “maintenance of membership” stipulations that are inserted into a teacher’s contract. Contact KEYTA for union withdrawal procedures.

POINTS TO CONSIDER (for union members):

  • How long has your organization been providing misinformation to teachers?
  • What other types of things are they saying or doing that are dishonest?
  • Are they really in the business of assisting educators and students, or are they really trying to perpetuate their power and perennial supply of dues money?
  • Should a teacher organization donate money to controversial social issues and partisan politics unrelated to education, or should they stay focused on supporting public schools?


Learn the facts!
And, then save over $300 each year by joining the Keystone Teachers Association.*
Over a 30-year career this is a $9,000 savings.


*This amount is applicable for teachers who are not forced to pay over $400 annually in compulsory union dues
(aka “fair share fees”)

Teachers forced to pay compulsory union dues can save over $25 annually.