Mission Statement

Keystone Teachers Association Mission Statement

  1. We believe that as educators, our primary purpose is to promote academic and ethical standards by which children can develop wisdom, knowledge, skills and confidence.
  2. We believe in the ageless, rudimentary and traditional values upon which our nation was established. As professionals, our conduct should be consistent with those values.
  3. We believe that the condition of a professional educator’s employment should depend upon skill and integrity, and not membership in or support of any organization or association.
  4. We believe that a contract proposal should reflect a consensus of all those it affects. We are not opposed to collective bargaining. However, we do not believe in granting to any one group exclusive right to do so.
  5. We believe that, although a strike may be necessary in the rarest of instances, in most cases the damage caused by striking produces irreparable harm to the communities involved, and therefore should be circumvented.
  6. We believe in working openly with board members, administrators, parents, students, business community, clergy and anyone who wishes to join us in our efforts to improve the educational environment and process. Anyone who affirms the declarations of this mission statement may join.
  7. We believe in personal and responsible participation in the political process, but we do not endorse specific candidates or parties as an association.