Pennsylvania House of Representatives Legislation

  • House Bill 2710 – To stimulate collaboration with respect the Nation’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education initiatives.
  • House Bill 2458 – School children’s Health Protection Act – ‘Prohibits the distribution of postcoital emergency contraception (such as the ‘morning after poll’) or a prescription for such contraception on the premises, or in the facilities, of an elementary or secondary school.
  • House Bill 2427 – Directs the Secretary of Education to make grants to State educational agencies for the modernization, renovation, or repair of public school facilities.
  • House Bill 2377 – Directs the Secretary of Education to award National Classified School Employees of the Year Awards to public school employees within certain occupational specialties who provide exemplary service to students in pre-kindergarten through higher education.
  • House Bill 2280 – Amends the Impact Aid programs, which compensates local education agencies (LEAs) for the financial burden of federal activities affecting their areas.
  • House Bill 2229 – Allows states to adopt alternate and modified academic performance standards for disabled students who, consistent with their individualized education programs, should be given opportunities to achieve grade-level proficiency beyond a given school year.
  • House Bill 2242 – Extension of IRS deduction for certain expenses of elementary and secondary school teachers.
  • House Bill 1999 – Temporary Recession Aid for Schools and Taxpayers Act – directs the Secretary of Education to award three-year grants to local governments for elementary and secondary programs within their jurisdiction if they experience at least a 15% decrease in property tax revenue.
  • House Bill 1669 – Allows school district employees who are physically assaulted during the performance of the employee’s regular duties to one year leave of absence.
  • House Bill 1665 – Providing for cost of tuition and maintenance of certain exceptional children in approved institution/schools.
  • House Bill 1615 – Changing the laws related to the education tax credit further providing for the eligibility of summer pre-kindergarten programs.
  • House Bill 1514 – Pre-kindergarten scholarship program.  Provides tuition to eligible pre-kindergarten students to attend a pre-kindergarten program operated by or in conjunction with a school located in the Commonwealth and includes an application and review process.
  • House Bill 1529 – Act relating to the Certification of teachers in the public schools, and creating a Professional Standards and Practice Commission and further providing for certification requirements.

Pennsylvania Senate Legislation

  • Senate Bill 954 – Providing for teacher certifications at approved private schools for the deaf and blind.
  • Senate Bill 736 – Providing for possession and use of asthma inhaler and epinephrine auto-injectors by students in school.