Frequently Asked Questions

KEYTA Insurance¬†FAQ’s

1.) Does this policy cover a teacher or a principal who is also a member of a school board?

Answer: Such a member is covered while engaged in duties as a teacher or principal, but not while acting as a member of a school board.

2.) Are libel and slander covered?

Answer: Yes, while the member is engaged in activities as a professional educator.

3.) A member of the public is injured while on school property and sues the school system. Would this be covered?

Answer: No. This policy does not cover the school system. It covers the individual members.

4.) A student is physically injured during a scheduled football practice. He alleges negligence on the part of the coach. Is the coach covered?

Answer: Yes, for example in a case where a coach instructed a player to run the bleachers as discipline for missing practice, and the student fell and suffered serious injuries, Coverage A did apply.

5.) A claim is made against a principal or teacher for damages as a result of the suspension of a student. Is coverage provided under Coverage A?

Answer: Yes, since monetary damages are alleged.

6.) A suit is filed demanding reinstatement of a student alleging improper suspension by a principal or teacher. What coverage is provided?

Answer: Since this action only asks for “injunctive relief” and since it involves “other professional responsibilities” Coverage B would apply. Reimbursement of attorney fees up to $10,000 each for principal and teacher would be paid if the suspension were upheld.

7.) Are principals and teachers insured against criminal acts?

Answer: Corporal punishment, whether civil or criminal is under Coverage A. Any other criminal act is covered under B with the maximum of $10,000 payable whether or not the insured is exonerated.

8.) A claim is made against a teacher or principal as a result of a student being injured during an experiment in the science lab. What coverage is provided?

Answer: The accident falls under Coverage A.

9.) A claim is falsely and fraudulently made against a teacher for bodily injury to a student alleging negligence on the part of the teacher. Is this covered?

Answer: Yes, The duty of the insurance company to defend is far greater than the duty to pay. It pays when an insured is judged liable; but it must defend even if the allegation be false, groundless or fraudulent.

10.) What coverage is there in the policy for a member who feels unjustly terminated or unjustly censured by board action?11.) An educator is accused of sexual misconduct with a student or another teacher. Is coverage provided?

Answer: The policy covers attorney fees up to $10,000 provided termination or allegations at a hearing are resolved in favor of the teacher. In one case, a teacher was suspended and asked to resign although he felt he had done nothing to void his contract. Negotiations resulted in the teacher recovering requested pay, a contract of release and a recommendation. His attorney’s fee was paid under Coverage B.

11.) An educator is accused of sexual misconduct with a student or another teacher. Is coverage provided?

Answer: Yes, under Coverage B only. This may or may not be a criminal action, but whether criminal or civil, attorney’s fees up to $10,000 are payable whether or not the Educator is exonerated.