Forced Unionism **Deemed illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 27, 2018**

What is forced unionism?

Forced unionism is when the school boards agree to the deals and compromises offered by union officials who push to have a union shop fee clause (called “fair share” fee by union officials) instated into the teacher’s contract. By doing this school directors and union officials compromise the freedoms of their teachers with regard to professional association affiliation.

What is a union shop (known in law as Agency Shop) school district?

A union shop school district is where the union has made a bargain with the school board that all professional teachers are required, as a condition of employment, to either join the union, or pay its “fair share fee.  During the 2011-2012 school year, this fee was $423.

Does a union shop contract cost the school district money?

Yes it does. District time and staff must be used to process union deductions.

Do I have to join the union if my school district is union shop?

No you do not. However, if you choose to abstain from union membership, you are still required to pay their union fee.

Does my union fee pay for more than collective bargaining?

By law, the union is only authorized to use your fee to pay for collective bargaining. However, there are ongoing court cases where the union was found to have illegally used forced union fee money to fund political agendas and other nonauthorized services. In several states, the union was required to refund teachers for the illegal use of fee payer funds.

Can I challenge the “Fair Share Fee”?

Yes. By law, the Hudson Packet is to be issued to all fee payers of a bargaining unit explaining their rights and responsibilities concerning the agency fee. You also have a right to challenge to amount of the “fair share fee”. If you wish to challenge the fee, please contact KEYTA and we can assist you with this challenge.

Can the union shop status in my school district by reversed?

Yes. The school board has the power to remove the union shop (“fair share fee”) clause from a proposed teacher contract. However, once a contract is approved, the union shop clause will remain in effect until the contact expires.