Employment Legal Assistance

Educators Liability Insurance Part B

Coverage $10,000 applies
(Unique to Educators’ Professional Liability policies)
This coverage provides you with reimbursement of your attorney’s fees in a broad range of situations not included in Coverage A such as criminal charges other than corporal punishment, allegations of sexual misconduct, and employment related actions against you involving dismissal, revocation of certification and other professional rights and duties. For example, defense of action brought against a member involving employment rights, criminal and sexual allegations and teacher or employee actions are covered.

In action involving, for example, termination, salary, reassignment, certification or resignation, the matter in dispute must be resolved in favor of the member to qualify for the full reimbursement of the $10,000. However, $1,000 of this amount is available for initial consultation and research, whether or not the member prevails, to determine if there exists a reasonable chance of the case being resolved in the member’s favor.

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