Educators Liability Insurance

Educators Liability Insurance


With KEYTA’s Educators Professional Liability Plan, you will be protected against a broad range of exposures, including the following allegations (whether those allegations are true or false!):

  • Injuries to students under your supervision
  • Violation of a student’s civil rights
  • Improper methods employed in instruction or counseling
  • Hiring unqualified persons
  • Errors and omissions claims for damages arising out of your professional duties

When does the coverage begin?

Coverage by KEYTA’s Professional Liability Insurance Policy begins when the member’s completed application is received in the KEYTA office. If the occurrence or incident occurs during the policy period the insured is always covered for this act even if the policy is discontinued at a later date. (This is the more expensive and valuable “occurrence based” as opposed to “claims made” coverage.)

Part A

Coverage $2,000,000 applies
(Liability-tort section)

  • In the event a KEYTA member is alleged to have caused injury or damage to others while performing his/her professional duties.
  • Errors and omissions insurance for claims for damages arising out of a member’s duties as a professional educator.
  • Civil liability arising out of an alleged criminal act of corporal punishment is covered under A. Criminal actions are covered under B with a limit of $10,000 for defense purposes only.
  • Incidents involving alleged civil rights or constitutional violations are covered under Coverage A where claims for monetary damages are made. Note: The duty of the insurer to defend extends even to groundless, false and frivolous accusations. For example, allegations arising out of corporal punishment, accidental injury to children, deprivation of rights, actions brought by parents on behalf of minor children are covered.
What does the policy pay?

Up to $2,000,000 per occurrence, plus legal expenses, win or lose!

Part B

Coverage $10,000 applies
(Unique to Educators’ Professional Liability policies)
This coverage provides you with reimbursement of your attorney’s fees in a broad range of situations not included in Coverage A such as criminal charges other than corporal punishment, allegations of sexual misconduct, and employment related actions against you involving dismissal, revocation of certification and other professional rights and duties. For example, defense of action brought against a member involving employment rights, criminal and sexual allegations and teacher or employee actions are covered.

In action involving, for example, termination, salary, reassignment, certification or resignation, the matter in dispute must be resolved in favor of the member to qualify for the full reimbursement of the $10,000. However, $1,000 of this amount is available for initial consultation and research, whether or not the member prevails, to determine if there exists a reasonable chance of the case being resolved in the member’s favor.

What does the policy pay?

Up to $10,000 per member per claim. Note: KEYTA insurance does not provide legal assistance for suits initiated by the member.

Part C

Coverage $1,000 applies
(Provides for payment of premium on bail bonds)
For example, charges of criminal acts can lead to warrants for arrest. Being able to put up a bond avoids the embarrassment of going to jail.

What does the policy pay?

Up to $1,000 premium on bail bonds.


Corporal Punishment

The policy wording with respect to corporal punishment is vital to the professional educator. Relevant sections of this policy make it clear the coverage applies under A ($2,000,000 limit plus defense costs) regardless of whether the act be deemed civil or criminal. Furthermore, the customary exclusion of damages resulting from intentional acts has been carefully worded to clarify that corporal punishment is covered even though intentional.

Outside Activities

As long as the educator is within the scope of his professional duties, the policy covers liability for injury to students and others while the educator is conducting business visits to industrial and commercial establishments, entertainment centers, outings, picnics and other similar school functions, subject to specific automobile, watercraft and aircraft exclusions.

This brief description of the policy is to provide information only and in no way alters or modifies the policy on file with the association.